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Black Excellence Awards - Sharlivia Slaughter

Sharlivia Slaughter born and raised in Portland Oregon. I am the oldest of four, and mother of two. I came from two loving parents who till this day are my biggest supporters. I am a product of PPS and always wanted to work in a school being the person who I wish I had in school. I started off at Franklin HS in 2012 and have been at Leodis  McDaniel (formerly, Madison) HS since 2016. In 2017,  I became the head Cheer Coach.  I didn't have an assistant coach or anything;  it was just me. Over the years I realized that there were many different styles of cheerleading and that my team would not be able to compete for a state championship and win based on the Stomp and Shake style not yet recognized by the state of Oregon. I have been on a mission since 2021 to have the Oregon State Athletic Association (OSAA) recognize Stomp and Shake as a state contending category to compete for a state title. Stomp and Shake is now a category at local competitions and in 2026, if successful, it will be an OSAA competition category. Our Leodis McDaniel team made history for being the first team to compete in Stomp and Shake in the state of Oregon. My goal is for young kids of color to not have to conform who they are and still be recognized.

Sharlivia’s Favorite Quote:

“Work hard, play hard.”

True to her favorite quote, “Work hard. Play hard.” Sharlivia Slaughter is living proof that holding on to your own truths and beliefs will yield rich rewards. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she is also a product of Portland Public Schools. Sharlivia stated that she always wanted to work in schools and be the person whom students could turn to for support; something she did not feel she had when she was a student. Working first at Franklin High School, Sharlivia  transitioned to Leodis McDaniel and took on the role of Head Cheer Coach.  She had no idea where her mission would lead and the ground she would be breaking! With a firm belief that children of color often had to change to fit their environment, Sharlivia’s goal is to maintain cultural authenticity and not have youth change who they are. Sharlivia introduced her cheer team to a form of cheer called “Stomp and Shake” that had previously not been a part of competition in the OSAA.  Since 2021, Sharlivia has been relentless in working to get "Stomp and Shake” recognized as a legitimate form of cheer. The Leodis McDaniel team has been accepted and has performed in local sporting events. Sharlivia is looking forward to the 2026 rule changes and having the OSAA recognize the form as an official category.


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