The Executive Board


- A Letter To You

My name is Kevin Bacon and it is an honor to be the new president of ORABSE and to follow the long line of incredible educators that were president before me. It is their legacy that energizes me and their support that guides me.  I served students in the Portland Metro K-12 system for 32 years as a classroom teacher and principal at all three levels: elementary, middle and high school. ORABSE was established in 1975 and has always been on the frontline, supporting students and educators of African descent. When I started teaching in 1986 for Portland Public Schools, ORABSE was there for me and it is my intention that it be here for you. 

Toward that end, ORABSE in my own words is:

  • An alliance that first and foremost unites all educators, PreK through higher education, from across the state that are of African descent. We also welcome allies from other races and ethnicities that aim to be an impactful presence to bring about sustainable change to our educational landscape.

  • An alliance built to effectively support our members through professional development, advocacy, leadership conferences, career support, affinity-based gatherings, and networking events.

  • A bridge for other agencies to collaborate with our powerful group of educators, thereby weaving our efforts toward the same goal of systemic change.

The wounds of our country's past have never been as exposed as they are today.  Public education can be a centerpiece to healing. ORABSE can be a centerpiece to healing. You can be a centerpiece to healing. We urge you to join us!


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Kevin Bacon
ORABSE President
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Nichole Watson
ORABSE President Elect
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Olga Gibson
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Renee Anderson

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