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Black Excellence Awards - Natalie Labossiere

Natalie Labossiere is an educational leader currently pursuing her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. Before this, she earned a Master of Education from Portland State University and a Master of Arts in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Florida. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Education from the University of Florida.

Her academic prowess extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her conference contributions. In 2020, Natalie co-presented "Nurturing Black Children: Black Mothers Speak About Raising and Teaching Black Lives in White Spaces" at the Harvard University Alumni of Color Conference in Cambridge, MA. She also shared her expertise at the National Council of Social Studies Annual Conference in Chicago, IL, presenting "The Future of School: Black Voices on Desegregation" in 2018 and contributing to "Critical Consciousness: Bridge the Equity Gap for Underrepresented Students" at The College Board Forum in Washington, DC, in 2019.

Natalie Labossiere's dedication to education extends into the realm of publications. Her work, "Who Do I Belong to?" was featured in Lisa Delpit's "Teaching When the World is on Fire" (2019), and she has contributed articles such as "Who do I Belong to?" (2017) and "Love is Shining in My Heart for You, Dear Haiti" (2018) to Rethinking Schools.

Impactful roles in education have marked Natalie's professional journey. She currently serves as the principal at Mountainside High School, where she previously served as the assistant principal. Previously, she was the assistant principal at Conestoga Middle School in the Beaverton School District. 

Before her current role, Natalie was a teacher on special assignments at Westview High School and for the North Clackamas School District. Natalie was also a high school history teacher at Westview and Lake Oswego High School. Education is Natalie Labossiere's second career as she was a City Planner for ten years in Woodburn, OR, Cumberland, RI, and for the City of New York. 

Natalie’s Favorite Quote

"Is it best for kids?"

Natalie Labossierre is a former city planner who has found her niche as an educational leader and is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership.  She has been a high school History teacher, an assistant principal, and a teacher on special assignment in the Beaverton, North Clackamas, and Lake Oswego School Districts. She is a published author and contributor to nationally recognized books, has presented at local and national conferences, and is currently the principal at Mountainside High School in Beaverton, Oregon. Natalie’s favorite quote, “Is it best for kids?” is evidence of her commitment to the children and families in her care. Her presentations at conferences and contributions in journals, books, papers reflect her deep and abiding desire for all of us to rethink how we teach and demonstrate to children that they are jewels that we tell them they are. 


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